Photog Fest is the latest arts initiative of Crave Arts, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing ALL students with immersive experiences and opportunities in the arts. Photog Fest, in partnership with the Jostens Photo Contest, presents the premier student photography competition and exhibition, dedicated to providing a grand stage for the next generation of talented photographers where they can connect with the resources, rewards and recognition they deserve.

Each October, in the heart of New York City, we offer an unparalleled platform for student photographers to share, celebrate and grow. Our annual programming includes: A gallery exhibit of all Official Selections, workshops and panels hosted by industry professionals and university professors, interactive, instructive photo walks, a photography invitational competition and the Teen Indie Awards Show where we announce our Photographer of the Year award and a full ride scholarship worth over $70,000.

Each photo we receive represents its own story and the passion of an individual artist eager to share what the world looks like through their unique lens. Now entering our 3rd year, we've amassed a library of nearly 10,000 student photographs while connecting the next generation with the tools they need for continued success. But perhaps most importantly, we've connected emerging photographers with each other and showed them that their art has value, helping to create a community of shared passions and lifelong relationships.

The mission of Crave Arts is to serve student filmmakers, photographers, artists and media enthusiasts around the world providing resources to pursue a meaningful career path focused on individual artistic goals, offering immersive educational experiences, connecting the content creators of the future with engaging developmental opportunities, and providing a collaborative and productive artistic community to assist in the development of ALL students' artistic abilities and aspirations. Crave Arts ongoing initiatives include: The All American High School Film Festival and Photog Fest.

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